5 Creative Ways to Solve 'Boring Living' Room Syndrome

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5 Creative Ways to Solve 'Boring Living' Room Syndrome

If you're looking for creative ways to solve boring living room syndrome, the best method is to ensure you end up with decor products that let you express your creative flair. Consider the following ideas:

  1. Your sofa – add cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix florals, patterns and geometrics. Colour according to your room tones or add splashes of bright colours to brighten the mood. 

  2. Your walls – add wall art and/or mirrors to make a statement. Try 3D Wall Art, Canvases, Framed Prints or Mirrors. Tip: A strategically placed mirror can make your room appear larger and brighter.

  3. Your ceiling – add a lovely pendant light, chandelier or shade. Be bold and imaginative with the huge range of available styles and options.

  4. Your floor – add a fresh carpet floor rug or skin floor rug. Patterned, plain, traditional, transitional, modern or shag to name some! The choice is yours.

  5. Accent Décor – add vases, jars, ornaments, clocks and lamps to coordinate your living room.

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of bling and bold colours to neutral rooms. The results can be amazing!

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